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Today, institutions are without a comprehensive solution for Phishing and most are relying upon their customers to identify and prevent online fraud from email or malware. When a financial institution adopts Armored Online as its primary source for electronic communication, it can assure its customers that all e-communications are legitimate without restrictions or concerns. In addition to the obvious marketing benefits of having a private email channel, Armored Online provides a clear and measurable benefit because it helps prevent unsafe user behavior.

Armored Online's audit and tracking features provide Risk Management with a better overall view of customer behavior and a rare perspective of a customer's awareness of fraud. With definitive knowledge of customer email practices, Risk Management has the requisite data to design and enact programs for customer groups that are susceptible to Phishing. By containing onlinel fraud, our technology helps institutions lower the risk and losses associated with these frauds and enables Risk Management to present a clear and consistent message to their customers, and show a consistent strategy to industry regulators.




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