Program Overview

Armored Online's partner program provides opportunities for partners to generate revenue in a number of different ways. Our flexible program provides partners with the ability to decide how they can best maximize margins.

Armored Online supports the following partner categories, each an excellent opportunity for collaboration and participation:

Referral Partner - Our referral partners recommend Armored Online to prospective customers with whom the partner has a relationship or business interest. Armored Online assigns an account manager to work with the referral partner and customer throughout the sales process and manages all aspects of solution implementation and support.

Reseller Partner - Reseller partners introduce customers to Armored Online's solutions and work with those customers as the single point of contact throughout the sales and contract processes. Resellers are responsible for maintaining the customer relationship up to the point at which the client is live and moved over to Armored Online's support services. Resellers may also participate in future sales or product extensions provided by Armored Online and are obligated to commit to sales goals.

OEM Software Partner - Our OEM partners distribute and sub-license Armored Online's technologies directly to their customers. They also provide all direct technical support to customers and are backed themselves by Armored Online's support services. OEM partners are obligated to commit to sales goals.

Service Provider Partner - Services partners are consultants who help Armored Online's customers implement and integrate solutions, optimize business processes, and provide strategic business consulting. Service providers may also work as referral or reseller partners.

Alliance Partner - These are consulting or technology companies that offer comprehensive services to key industry accounts in a particular market or region. Alliance partners work closely with Armored Online to develop local markets and to deliver services to specific industries. To qualify for this program, partners are required to have significant industry presence in a vertical market or geographic region.

Strategic Business Partner - Strategic business partners may work with Armored Online across all markets and regions. Typically, Armored Online will co-sell with strategic partners to large accounts and may develop unique solutions for resale specifically by that partner.

Technology Partner - Armored Online works with technology partners to enhance the core solution set, or provide enhanced solutions to a specific industry or region.

If you’d like to discuss partnership opportunities with us, please contact us or send us an email at

To partners looking for more information about our products, please visit our solutions page.