New Internet Channel


Financial institutions and their customers rely upon the Internet to provide a low cost, efficient channel for transactions and communications. Leveraging email and browser technology, institutions provide customers with direct access to online services from a desktop PC.

Armored Online’s solutions improve upon that model without changing the core components that are the cornerstone of online services, namely email and browsing. Offered as an alternative delivery model to other channels, Armored Online provides a secure environment for receiving email and accessing an institution’s online services. Armored Online's advanced security and new features extend the current model by incorporating

  • mutual authentication;
  • public key encryption;
  • digital signatures, and
  • complete audit tracking for all user behaviors.

The resulting secure channel protects customers from current and evolving online security threats and provides institutions with new options for e-marketing and electronic document delivery.

Armored Online’s private channel approach secures both online transactions and the transmission and receipt of communications with no threat of online fraud to customers or financial institutions. The result? Restored customer trust in electronic communications and renewed confidence that the institution is taking a proactive approach to protecting customer data and combating online fraud. This active approach deepens a financial institution’s relationships with its customers and paves the way for expanding the online user base.