Customer Perspective


The best solution is useless if it is too complicated and customers refuse to use it. The key to attracting – and retaining – online customers is to provide them with a secure, efficient and cost-effective online environment that is easy to use and eliminates their risk of becoming a victim of online identity fraud. The secure channel easily integrates into the customers' overall banking experience, offering them the flexibility of another banking option to communicate and transact with their financial institutions.

We build our solutions with the customer experience in mind. Emphasizing simplicity, our solutions enable customers to access their individual secure channel directly from their institution's familiar web log-in screen. Easy navigation allows users to effortlessly toggle between mail and web system in the same secure environment.

When a financial institution sends a new message, a desktop notifier alerts the customer of an unread message from the institution. The same notifier conveniently launches the individual, privately branded channel, establishing a secure direct link between customer and financial institution.